From Oman to Kilimanjaro
Rediscovering Yourself and Embracing the Power of Nature

My Adventure,


Life on Mount Kilimanjaro, the fourth highest mountaintop in the world, unfolded as a transformative experience, allowing me to rediscover myself and test my resilience. Challenging the elements that pushed me both mentally and physically, including freezing cold, scorching sun, high altitude, and rugged terrain, revealed the extent to which we have grown accustomed to the comforts of our surroundings.

Each morning, waking up to find my small tent covered in snow, dressing in cold clothes, and enduring the absence of showers throughout the entire expedition brought me face-to-face with the true meaning of fluctuating temperatures. Surrendering the luxuries of everyday life, the swollen face and the reliance on a boiling water bag during sleep became minor sacrifices compared to the reward awaiting at the summit. Standing atop the mountain, gazing at the world below from a bird's eye view, I realized that despite its formidable nature, the mountain respects those who strive to connect with it.

During a particularly demanding day en route to Lava Tower Camp, I curiously asked our Sherpa (guide) if Kilimanjaro had a God. Without hesitation, he affirmed the existence of a deity, and I humorously assumed that the mountain must not welcome visitors then. However, he clarified, saying, "No, he waits for you all and welcomes those who reach him because it isn't easy." This perspective provided solace and strength, alleviating the difficulties I faced while breathing in the thin air.

The resonant melodies of Kilimanjaro's national and local songs carried a beautiful, lively spirit. These uplifting tunes became a source of motivation for the climbers, particularly the infectious rhythm of "Hakuna Matata." Every member of our expedition company played a crucial role in our journey, offering unwavering support regardless of the challenges we encountered. They served as our collective therapists, providing assistance and solace during sickness, exhaustion, and frustration.

Adventures like these demand not only physical strength but also mental fortitude. It became evident to me why some individuals are drawn to extreme sports. Engaging in such activities requires a resilient mindset, and the exhilaration of achieving monumental goals serves as a driving force to constantly improve and make the most out of life. Kilimanjaro taught me the importance of nurturing both my physical and mental faculties, inspiring me to push my boundaries and seize every opportunity to thrive.