Discover my remarkable journey of mountaineering, education, and environmental advocacy. Let's ascend together towards courage, resilience, and positive impact.

My Story!

Join Me on an incredible journey as I share my passion for climbing and the breathtaking experiences that have shaped my life. From my early studies and education degree in geography, I developed a profound connection with students, rocks, heights, and mountains. Little did I know that this initial bond would pave the way for incredible achievements and an unwavering passion for adventure.

Before my Everest ascent, I led an expedition of Omani students in the GLOBE Program, attempting to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. This experience, along with rigorous training on various mountains in Oman and the Gulf region, prepared me for the challenges that await me.

In addition to my mountaineering pursuits, I have had the privilege of working as a geography teacher, a curriculum developer, and holding managerial positions in the field of education. Currently, I serve as the General Director Deputy at Oman Scouts and Guides Organization, a full-time role that allows me to contribute to the growth and development of young minds. I am also the country coordinator of the GLOBE Program in Oman, where I have the opportunity to foster environmental awareness and education.

With a master's degree in Geographic Studies from Sultan Qaboos University and a bachelor's degree in Social Studies from the College of Education in Rustaq, I continuously strive for knowledge and professional growth. I actively participate in workshops and conferences centered around environment, geography, citizenship, and education.

Beyond mountaineering, my true passion lies in making a positive impact on youth and our precious planet. In my free time, you can find me immersed in the mountains or enjoying precious moments with my family.

I take immense pride in being the first Omani female climber to have reached the summit of Everest. This accomplishment goes beyond personal triumph—it serves as a role model for Omani women and youth, symbolizing the limitless potential that resides within us all. The public celebration of my achievement felt like a collective moment of recognition, not only for myself but for all athletes in my country.

Growing up in a large traditional family, my journey to becoming a mountaineer was not an expected path. It was only later in life that I discovered my true passion for adventure. I am still that small village girl who embraced her inner adventurous spirit and embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Education, Exploration, and Environmental Impact...

Join me on this incredible journey as we delve into the world of mountaineering, explore the wonders of nature, and inspire others to reach new heights both in their personal lives and in service to our beautiful Earth. Together, we can make a difference and create a legacy of resilience, courage, and environmental stewardship.


Journey of Passion, Purpose, and Peaks

Connection and Discovery

Early studies in geography forged a deep connection with rocks, heights, and mountains, setting the stage for an enduring adventure-filled journey.

Summiting Triumph and Role Model

The conquest of Everest, a landmark achievement as the first Omani female climber, symbolizes potential for all and resonates with a collective recognition.

Unconventional Path to Adventure

A transformational odyssey from an unexpected upbringing to embracing an inner spirit of adventure, defining a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Balancing Mountains and Minds

Beyond mountaineering feats, I contribute as a geography teacher and curriculum developer, and lead in educational roles fostering environmental awareness and growth.

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