Exploring the Majestic Mountains of Oman
A Journey of Strength and Discovery

My Adventure,


My fellow adventurers,

Let me share with you the incredible story of my journey as a mountaineer in the captivating Sultanate of Oman. Our country, Oman, is truly remarkable, with its unique location and breathtaking natural landscapes. Here, you can find towering rocky mountains, vast valleys, mysterious caves, a vast desert, beautiful sand dunes, and an astounding 3,000-kilometer coastline.

My adventure is special because I trained to conquer Amadablam and Everest right here in Oman. It was quite a challenge because the environment and nature of Oman are completely different from the mighty Himalayas. Growing up, I only experienced hot weather and humidity, so I had never experienced snow until my trip to Amadablam in 2018, a year before my attempt at Everest. I didn't have the chance or money to travel and explore different mountains before that, so I had to do my training here in Oman. Adapting to the real challenges of the Himalayas became even tougher as a result.

During this challenging journey, I not only discovered the physical strength required for mountaineering but also gained a deeper understanding of my own country. Each climb revealed a new aspect of Oman's beauty, and I had the opportunity to explore abandoned villages where our ancestors once lived. As I ventured into valleys and explored caves, I discovered the hidden charm of Oman, and my love for it grew stronger.

To prepare myself for the Himalayas, I engaged in various activities in Oman's diverse terrain. Canyoning, which involves descending into ravines and gorges, helped me develop agility and mental strength. Exploring caves tested my endurance and connected me with the mysteries of the earth. Hiking and trail runs on different paths, some easy and some challenging, trained my body to overcome obstacles.

They say that the spirit of a mountaineer is forged through facing difficulties, and I can attest to that. Despite the challenges I faced during my training in Oman, it instilled in me a deep determination and a great respect for the mountains that awaited me. It was a humbling experience that made me appreciate the unwavering spirit of my fellow Omanis and the inherent strength of our nation.

Standing at the summits of Amadablam and Everest, surrounded by breathtaking views, I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for the land that nurtured me. Oman, my home country, with its diverse landscapes and untamed beauty, had prepared me for this moment. It had revealed its secrets, tested my courage, and inspired me to conquer the seemingly impossible.

I encourage each one of you to explore the wonders of your own lands because within them lie the seeds of greatness and opportunities for personal growth. The mountains may seem distant, and the challenges may appear overwhelming, but remember that right in your own backyard, you possess the power to push boundaries and achieve greatness. With unwavering determination and a heart full of passion, I embarked on this adventure, forever grateful for the lessons taught by my beloved Oman.